Why Choose Us

Schoodle is developed with the sole intention to provide utmost ease to the management and the administration for best possible utilization and allocation of resource strongly enhancing their skills lading to an effective management.

User friendly

  • Schoodle is extremely user-friendly
  • Does not require any sort of expertise computer knowledge to be operated
  • Even a common person with a little knowledge of computers can operate it well
  • Customization leads to an excellent user compliance
  • Multiple user & multitasking enabled
  • Works in various operating system

Web based / stand alone

  • Stand alone & server base option available
  • Use your own server or your hosted server as per your choice
  • Offline & online functionality mode available
  • Multi tasking enabled

Expert developers

We assure you the best builders in JAVA to help you with developing and fine tuning SCHOODLE.

Graphical reports

We capture every bit of information in our systems, analysing huge datasheets to find analytical data can be a very troublesome task. Hence we have introduced graphical report.

  • Different report for different users
  • Faculty feedback graphs lets you easily identify the outliers
  • Section/Class comparison graph
  • And lot of interesting feature rich graphs for everyone

Custom reporting

Get hold of custom reports the way you want and also set fields of reports with the custom report plugin.

  • Different report for different users
  • Outstanding fee report/ paid fee report
  • Student fee status report
  • Attendance report, and many more
  • And the best part of it is, we can add reports on demand

Affordable pricing

Schoodle is highly affordable & education instructions of any size can buy it as it is available at a lower price & operating cost as compared to the competent software available in the market.

Advanced user management

your different staffs enjoy different privileges as granted by you, enabling him to access and view a particular part of schoodle, and imparting you full control to check what a user can do & what not.

Frequently updates

We quite frequently update modules and attach new ones to improve the performance & user compliance of schoodle.


Enabled with centralized customization & updating schoodle is capable of maintaining enormous amount of data so it can be used in all sort of educational institution for better working & data handling.

Support backup and restore

Nothing to worry if your system crashes, your data will remain safe as it automatically takes regular backups to overcome such condition just restore, recover & restart the work.

White labeling

Just upload your institution name and logo to make it all yours & only yours.

Custom module

Schoodle gives you an option to customize its module, it works the way you want it to work and fulfill your specific need.

Mobile friendly

Get all the features on your mobile, schoodle can be easily operated on your mobile from where you want.

Most secure developed in java

SCHOODLE is designed to operate at a high level of security that could be customized to meet your needs. Support for multiple user access classes enable strict security measures to be implemented to prevent data-loss, unauthorized access and misuse of stored data and other resources.